With each client:


  • We align ourselves with particular interests.
  • We protect privacy and confidentiality.
  • We prioritize the long-term relationship.
  • We comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • We maintain a positive teamwork environment.

Asset management


Managed accounts

We offer you to fully delegate the administration of your assets to us in an independent, safe and discretionary manner. Your plan will be managed by Baires Partners where our specialists will select the most appropriate financial assets to meet your pre-established objectives, allowing you to save time and resources.

Counseling accounts

If you prefer to participate more actively in the management of your wealth, this type of account will allow you to assume and share with our professionals the responsibility of implementing your investment plan.

Local accounts

If you decide to choose to manage your assets completely independently, you should only pass us the purchase and sale orders for their subsequent execution in authorized markets.


. We use systems that consolidate the information of all assets, which helps the monitoring and decision process, taking into account the total risk and investment objectives of the family.

. We have established a network of contacts with excellent teams in the main financial institutions.

. By representing several families, we can negotiate better conditions with financial institutions, in relation to their services, investment products and costs that they charge to our clients.

. We also have contacts in other important areas such as fiduciary, legal and tax services.

. Our clients are always involved in the process since we do not work with any power to carry out operations on their accounts.


Liquidity Management

A simple and efficient way to make the most of your company’s liquidity availabilities, and invest them efficiently. We carry out constant work in the redesign and creation of financial products and services that adapt to the needs of efficiently managing the financial resources of companies and institutions. We focus our efforts on reducing risks seeking continuous improvement of your organization and financial structure.

Financial Intermediation


Through our Trading Desk we offer access to the best execution and settlement services for any type of investment and access to all markets.

In addition to our Private Banking and Institutional Banking, we serve wholesale clients such as Insurance Companies, Common Investment Funds and Hedge Funds.

We provide permanent and continuous liquidity in the various financial assets, always optimizing the execution of purchase and sale orders.

Fixed rent

We operate Public Securities, Corporate Bonds, Provincial Bonds, Municipal Bonds and Short-Term Debt Securities (Lebacs, Nobacs) issued by Government Agencies (Central Bank, Ministry of Economy, etc.).

Variable income

We offer access to the market for Local Shares in the local market, ADRs (Shares in foreign markets) and CEDEARs.

Investment Funds

We are distributors of various external Common Investment Funds.

Currency Hedges

We provide access to the Rofex market allowing our clients to cover their variable needs regarding the future exchange rate.

Structured Products

We put together products tailored to the needs of each client according to the management profile of their liabilities. We actively participate in the issuance and subsequent distribution of Financial Trusts.